Aquapick AQ-300 Water Dispenser

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Aquapick AQ-300 - Made in Korea by Aquapick Co., Ltd Quiet operation, high durability with new generation booster system is researched and developed by experienced and talented engineers of Aquapick Co., Ltd. Specially designed with continuously open water jet, increasing cleaning efficiency Opening interruptions of 1,800 times per minute Extremely high water pressure, up to 7kgf / cm² The safety switch automatically switches off after 5 minutes after turning on the ignition switch without using


Spray any food particles in the teeth Effective removal of plaque Clean the roots beneath the gums Eliminate the risk of periodontitis Effective gums Eliminate bleeding when flossing with toothpicks Avoid interstitial bleeding caused by tooth decay. 4 sprayers for the whole family (4 different colors) Extremely effective for patients who are in the period of braces Spray the patient's teeth before examination or treatment, eliminating unpleasant odors for patients with poor oral hygiene

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