• 26/02/2020
Umbria is the land of wine, delicious food, festive summer ... It is where I will recognize love when not far away.

Having lived in Umbria, Italy for the most lively days of youth, to me it was a joy that was hard to describe. Having spent more than 20 long walks along the boot-shaped country, I am still impressed with the cities of Umbria. I love the romantic autumn in Perugia, the fairy-tale sessions at Castiglione Del Lago, the cobbled little paved streets like clinging to people and the wonderful drink of Campariarangia in Spoleto.

Those trips made me realize that the feeling was not far away.

"Autumn morning" is the phrase I like very much, even when in Saigon, which only used two rainy and sunny seasons. I remember and fall in love with Perugia, the season of golden leaves covering the trunk of trees on Via Maria Alinda Bonacci Brunamonti, the season of footsteps rustling on the dried leaves of the slope leading down the lecture hall Palazzina Valitutti. It is also the season of sunshine as the pouring of honey, stretching through the southern hills, is the season of the rain collecting outside the window of my room to the far valley.

Một góc phố Perugia, thủ phủ Umbria, vào thời khắc chớm thu khi rặng cây bắt đầu thay lá

A corner of Perugia, capital of Umbria, at the time of harvest when the tree begins to change leaves

Perugia's sunshine is not harsh, but it brings a bit of coldness the night before, making the scenery and the people become more romantic. Italian girls with autumn wings, walking gently through the streets easily make people look stupid. The boys, too, were attracted by the curly hair and the dark blue eyes of Capri.

This is also a time for you to dress up your light shirt, climb the long wind slope hun smoked to the top of the hill. Have a meal with a friend in a small restaurant in the alleyway, chatting, sipping a glass of red wine vino di casa, sniffing the delicious aroma of pizza from the old stone oven haunted black smoke. The heat from the oven exits sufficiently that your coat is now ineffective. Dinner will last until late in the golden light and you are enjoying the sweet life of "la vita dolce" (beautiful life).

Đài phun nước ở quảng trường thành phố Perugia


Fountain in the square of Perugia


CASTIGLIONE DEL LAGO SESSION With Italian gastronomic enthusiasts like Barbara and me, nothing can be better than coming here at the botteghe in strada. Marketplace takes place only on Saturday, the third week of each month. At the same time, all the shops along Via Vittorio Emanuele and the narrow streets in Castiglione del Lago are all set to display small tables or shelves covered with white towels, selling all the Umbrian specialties. .

Con đường mòn xuyên qua ruộng nho với những hàng cây đặc trưng của miền Trung nước Ý

The path through the vineyards with the typical trees of central Italy

Difficult to resist the appeal of colorful pasta packs and shapes wrapped in glossy paper, loaves of yellow grape bread, dried seasoning sauteed with tomato sauce for simple spaghetti, The porcini mushrooms are dry and expensive ... The whole city is fragrant in the dark blue sky.

Ngày chợ phiên là lúc bạn có thể mua được những món mỹ phẩm sản xuất thủ công thơm ngát

At the fair is the time you can buy the cosmetic production of handmade fragrant

Ending a stroll around the narrow streets, my "booty" is a bottle of red wine, 40 euros (about 1 million) for 400g of dried porcini mushrooms, a few vials of mushroom tartufo (mushrooms) a well-known and very expensive mushroom) or olive oil with almost 10 packets of pasta bought as gifts for friends in Perugia.


I arrived in Spoleto in late August. The season is very sunny, the mountainous heat plus the cool wind blowing from the foothills of Rocca Albornoziona to keep my eyes closed and legs are not sad step.

Taking 10 minutes late bus ride from the station to the city center, we reached Liberty Square (Piazza della Libertà) on Via Sant'Agata. The first impression of Spoleto is that the street is quite flat, unlike Perugia. After a few minutes of unawareness as I was unable to locate the center of the city, I turned into a state of ecstasy before the beauty of the season.

Before our eyes is the main street leading into the city with rows of tall trees on both sides of the road, the leaves are gradually turning red yellow. The houses built in the Italian architecture hidden behind the green garden with eyes with paths flooded with dried yellow leaves and wild flowers ... Climbing down a few steps, we were able to reach hands picking prunes beautiful berry and a look at the green (marone) prickly prickly thorns like small hedgehog ...


"Follow the tail" of an Italian group dressed up just like the fashion show in Milano, we head to the famous Piazza del Mercato (Piazza del Mercato), which is famous for its numerous al fresco restaurants, Great for a hot afternoon. Lunch with Umbria menu and two bottles of beer Nastro Azzurro chilled. The chubby housewife in traditional costume speaks to us with a local voice that brings a deliciously grilled cheeseburger served with tartufo. Delicious dishes and elegant gentlemen enjoying the deluxe lunch at the nearby table contributed to dragging my lunch and friend up to two hours.

Cổng phía Tây của nhà thờ Spoleto nổi tiếng. Khi nắng rực lên và rọi vào những ô kính tròn trên cao, cả giáo đường sẽ ngập trong màu nắng vàng


The west gate of the famous Spoleto church. When the sun shines and shines on the round glass on high, the church will be flooded in yellow sun Not enough time and patience to go back to the tourist office, we followed the two blue-and-white signage ... just down the alley to the main cathedral of the city. The Duomo di Spoleto, also known as Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, was built in the 12th century in the typical Roman style with the main hall, two large rooms on either side and a horizontal hallway in the middle. At a sudden moment at 4 pm, when the sun shines and shines on the glass round on high, the church will be submerged in beautiful sunlight. At that time, you will understand why so busy here.