General policy

  • 17/04/2020
1. Warranty policy

Provisions on warranty

- Product is free warranty if the product is still valid warranty period from the date of delivery.

- The warranty period is stated on the Warranty Card and according to the manufacturer's regulations for all technical problems of the product.

- There is a warranty card and a valid warranty stamp of the company or the manufacturer on the product.

These cases are not warranted

- The product has expired warranty on the warranty card or lost Warranty Card.

- Warranty seals are torn, broken, overwritten, modified or erased.

- Warranty card does not specify Serial number and date of purchase.

- The product shows signs of damage caused by rodents or insects.
2. Return policy

Cases of return and exchange:

- Goods are defective by the manufacturer and cannot be operated.

- The goods are damaged due to the company's shipping process

- Goods not in accordance with the model and type that the customer has ordered

- Delivery is missing

If the above cases are found, please do not accept the goods and ask our delivery staff to confirm the condition on the spot and request a return. If not, the customer must immediately report the faulty status to us within 24 hours of receiving the goods for support for innovation, after 24 hours we will not support the settlement because the customer has agreed with the default. products delivered.

General terms and conditions for return and exchange:

- "One on one" for products sold within 7 days if there is a problem.

- Still full of stamps, invoices, no scratches, dents distorted, outside damage, breakage ..

- The time of exchanging goods does not exceed 3 days from the date of receipt of the goods (based on the purchase invoice or the receipt receipt of the delivery party).

- There are all accompanying documents such as receipts, invoices, delivery notes, warranty cards, catalouge ...


However, for some products we will not apply the same return and exchange conditions, in the sales consultancy process, we will advise in detail about the time and form of return for each product. for reference when customers want to buy that product. Refund Fee: The refund fee will be entirely paid by the company if the fault is the company. Forms of refund: Products will be renewed to customers, in case the product is no longer in stock, the company commits to refund 100% of the fee that customers have paid to us through such forms as : cash at the company or transfer to customers 3. Shipping and installation policies Shipping and installation policy 3.1. Subject of application - All customers buy goods at the Company

3.2. Area of ​​application and cost:

Ducchinh freight across the country, with the following details:

- Free order ≥ 1 million VND in inner Hanoi

- Free for orders ≥ 100 million within a radius of 100km

- Please pay according to the freight of the shipping unit or by agreement in the following cases:

+ Orders <1 million in the inner city of Hanoi

+ Orders <100 million in a radius of 100km

+ Orders delivered at the address> 100km

+ Return the product

For detailed fee content, please see item 5.

3.3. Delivery time:

- Orders in Hanoi city: shipping within 24 hours or at the request of customers.

- Orders within a radius of 100km: shipped within 2 days or as agreed between the company and the customer.

- Orders outside a radius of 100km: shipped within 5 days or as agreed between the company and the customer.

- Before shipping, the logistics department will contact customers to schedule a specific time and place.

- Delivery and installation time: from 8am to 5:30 pm all days of the week (except holidays, New Year's Day)

- Ducchinhmart can deliver goods late due to force majeure conditions such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, damaged vehicles on the delivery road, problems during the shipment ... Hope you understand. !


3.4. Packing delivery For orders delivered through outsourced transport services, to safeguard your goods, Ducchinhmart will pack the goods in specialized packaging or boxes. 3.5. Freight forwarder - Shipping cost: calculated based on the weight of goods or weight converted from the size (for bulky goods), the cost of wood packaging, distance of delivery. - How to calculate Weight converted from Dimensions (for bulky goods - according to the precedent of the shipping industry): Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 6000. - Customers can refer to the Appendix of Freight and Transport time norms according to the price of the supplier. - If your order needs to be shipped by different shipments or have to be shipped multiple times, the charge for shipping your entire order will be charged one (01) time at the time of the first shipment.

3.6. Responsibility for freight

- If the shipping service is specified by Ducchinhmart, we will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage of goods during the transportation of goods from Ducchinhmart to the location requested by you. .

- You are responsible for checking the goods on delivery. Upon detecting goods damaged, scratched, broken, dented, or wrong goods, please sign to confirm the status of goods with the delivery staff and immediately notify Customer Care : 0246.260.1627

- After you have signed and received the goods without making a note or commenting on the goods, Ducchinhmart is not responsible for the return and exchange requests for damage, scratches, breakage, mop, wrong goods, ... from you later.

- If the shipping service is specified and selected by you, you will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage of goods during the transportation of goods from Ducchinhmart to you. Customer will be responsible for costs and related losses.

3.7. Service of product installation

- Guests are free to install equipment

- Please pay for stone collage and stone glue (if any).

- Please pay for supplies incurred, not included in the product's accessories such as wires, pipes, collage more ...


Note: The installation and delivery team of Ducchinhmart is not fully equipped with machinery and equipment and has not been equipped with the necessary skills for construction services (electricity, water, drilling, assembly of tables and chairs, vertical ladders, ..). Therefore, please outsource complete items, and necessary items and equipment before Ducchinhmart staff come to deliver and assemble. 3.8. Installation instructions - After installation, Ducchinhmart will install and instruct customers to use the product. - Cases where customers self-install / install products: Customers will be solely responsible for installation / assembly techniques as well as any risks, losses, damages related to products and people such as : falling causing damage to the product, falling causing danger to strong properties. 4. Purchase policy Step 1: Go to the website and select the product to buy Step 2: Click and the product you want to buy, the screen displays pop ups with the following options If you want to continue shopping: Click on the continue to select item to add products to the cart If you want to view shopping carts to update products: Click on view cart If you want to order and pay for this product please click: Order and pay

Step 3: Payment:

Fill in your details to receive orders, choose the form of payment and shipping for your order

Step: Review order information, fill in the caption and submit the order

After receiving your order we will contact you by calling back to confirm your order and address.

Special thanks.

5. Payment policy


To facilitate your shopping we support our customers the following payment and order methods:

1. Cash payment for delivery

For customers in Hanoi area: After customers place an order at the Store, based on the information you provide, the Store will process the order, check the information and proceed with delivery, installation for you. You can pay at the store or pay at home when receiving the goods as required. In case you want to buy gifts for friends or relatives, you will pay in advance with us at:

Duc Chinh Global Trading Company Limited


- Transaction Office: P203 House N2B Urban Area Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi - Tel: 0913.099.933 For customers outside the province: 100% prepayment of the value of goods + shipping by bank transfer, or through the garage, post office, banks ... 2. Bank transfer - If the delivery location is different from the payment location (in case you send gifts, send goods to friends, partners ...) The store will charge 100% of the value of the goods + shipping fee calculated according to the freight in shipping policy by wire transfer before shipment. - For payment via bank, please transfer money to one of the following accounts: ACCOUNT INFORMATION * Hanoi: - Account holder: Vu Van Hai - STK: 0451000241334 - Bank: Foreign Trade Joint Stock Bank (Vietcombank) - Thanh Cong Branch ----------- - Account holder: vu Van Hai - STK: 66263622 - Bank: Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank (VP bank) - Cau Giay Branch



- After receiving the notice to receive money from the bank, we will execute the order at your request.
General policy